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Yes, but make it a high-tech surveillance barrier instead of a physical one

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@8N5XVFL  from Texas commented…2yrs

Yes, there should be a high tech surveillance barrier but my reasoning is not because of immigration. A lot of sex trafficking happens along the border and it is a major issue that needs to be addressed.

@8NL5KB5  from Kansas commented…2yrs


This is very true some may say that wanting to build a wall or get better surveillance on the borders makes you racist, but that is not the case. Some people want better for the US. Wanting to keep out the drugs sex trafficking, guns and many other things. I'm saying that America doesn't have any of these things because we do. We smuggle things into Mexico and other countries and we don't get questioned because we are privileged, but those who are of colored or from other countries get questioned because they don't look as we do. Fair skin.

@8GHYHFC from Texas answered…2yrs

Rule and regulations should be changed to allow a easier path to become a U.S. citizen.

@8C6BVB2 from Washington answered…2yrs

@95WF5BF from New Jersey answered…3hrs

Yes but asylum and citizenship should be easier to get. And there has to be ways for animals to get back and forth

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@95VSL6Gfrom Guam  answered…12hrs

This question is too stupid to believe. It is geographically impossible to have a clear physical barrier along the entire southern border. Also, many land owners and communities would find themselves cut off from their own assets, whether it be rivers for water, local churchs, etc.

@95VLJS5 from Michigan answered…17hrs

@95VJSKB from Kansas answered…20hrs

We need a better wall, what we have now is a fence that does nothing

@95VJ7JV from California answered…21hrs

Yes only if they are able to maintain who comes into the us. They should do extensive background checks to make sure there are no criminals trying go come over

@95VHDG8 from California answered…21hrs

No, but make immigration from South/Central America more accessible, secure, and timely to allow migration through the legal process to be a conclusive option instead of archaic and wasteful as it is now.

@95VD57D from Georgia answered…23hrs

Improve immigration processes and policies and create incentives to go through legal methods

@95V74R2Women’s Equality from California answered…1 day

Expand the entrances into the US and upgrade all equipment so any truck coming over the border is scanned and checked for all things illegal

@95V5BRT from Missouri answered…1 day

Yes but reform the immigration and asylum seeking process to be more efficient than

@95T76STLibertarian from Alabama answered…2 days

It should be a large door. We should surveil the border but streamline citizenship.

@95T4VQC from Idaho answered…2 days

allow for a better process to get immigrants into the states so then there isnt any illegal ones.

@95SZMNDWomen’s Equality from California answered…2 days

I believe they should start paying attention to the wall who comes and goes outside of Mexico just because of how heavy they cartels ride and how much drugs and sex trafficing happens.

@95SRS32Women’s Equality from Virginia answered…2 days

No, instead they need to improve life in South America so less people try to come to the USA, for a better life.

@95SQJNSRepublican from New Jersey answered…2 days

@95SNY7C from California answered…2 days

@95SKSLT from Texas answered…2 days

No I feel like since America is all about unity everyone should be allowed to visit and live within it as long as they are not doing anything illegal.

@95SHTPF from Texas answered…2 days

No, borser states should be allowed to build their own physical and surveillance border protection.

@95SGYFG from North Carolina answered…2 days

@95SGX5H from North Carolina answered…2 days

Make a high-tech surveillance barrier that is not that expensive, and slightly increase the military presence.

@95SG7CK from Texas answered…2 days

No, but instead of building a wall increase security of our current one.

@95SFGYV from Arizona answered…2 days

No, and tear down what we have, beyond the human factor (which is enormous) the damage it does to ecosystems and migratory patterns is tremendous.

@95SDN73 from South Carolina answered…2 days

@95SD6Q2 from Pennsylvania answered…2 days

I think we should make it more attainable for immigrant's to come in

@95SC3GM from Georgia answered…2 days

@95S9YWW from Illinois answered…2 days

Yes, but make it easier to legally obtain papers for those immigrants

@95S8QW2 from North Carolina answered…2 days

I believe if they were going to do anything about a border there should be some type of military personnel along the border to stop any illegal immigrants or any cartels from getting

@95S5T44 from Pennsylvania answered…2 days

@95S5JXPDemocrat from California answered…2 days

No, the wall concept clearly does not work. The southern boarder is such a massive area to cover. Even a high-tech surveillance barrier would be a huge undertaking but, probable a better idea.


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