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@95WFZ99 from Florida answered…2hrs

Yes, but only after living in the country for 10 years and paying taxes for those 10 years.

@95WDBD8 from New Jersey answered…3hrs

@6LD9R27Socialistfrom Massachusetts  answered…1 day

@95V5CH6 from South Carolina answered…1 day

Yes, but only after living in the country for ten years and only allowed to vote in local elections

@95V4DL8 from Oregon answered…1 day

Absolutely. If they are required to pay taxes then they have the right to vote.

@95TYJDBProgressive from Kansas answered…1 day

No, but the process to become a citizen should be made easier/cheaper/shorter

@95TRS66 from North Carolina answered…1 day

@95THYKKLibertarian from Washington answered…2 days

Yes, as long as they respect the values and beliefs of the United States

@95TGGHT from New York answered…2 days

@95T9WGS from California answered…2 days

@95T5NQB from Missouri answered…2 days

They should first have to live in the country until the 2nd election and be a legal citizen

@95T5GTY from Minnesota answered…2 days

@95SZX3LRepublican from Wisconsin answered…2 days

@95SZG66 from Virginia answered…2 days

Yes, but only after 5 years of residence in the US and when they are at the legal age to vote

@95SXP4Q from Connecticut answered…2 days

If you are eligible for citizenship you should have the right to vote

@95SXDNR from Washington answered…2 days

yes and no after 15 to 20 years they should even after paying taxes the entire time like a normal US citizen

@95SX7K9 from Utah answered…2 days

@95SWQ9B from South Carolina answered…2 days

Only if they went through the correct way or if they had an actual reason to.

@95STB83 from Virginia answered…2 days

They should only be allowed to vote if you are legally here. You shouldn't be able to vote if you are not a legal citizen that is an american right

@95SS3XHIndependent from Texas answered…2 days

Yes, after living in the country as a documented Permanent Resident Card (Green Card) for 5 years.

@95SR2CW from Indiana answered…2 days

Yes, any individual that has permanent residence status should be allowed to vote

@95SQXKYDemocrat from New York answered…2 days

Yes, but only as soon as they become citizens of the United States; everyone has the right to vote

@95SLWZY from California answered…2 days

In reality, it is up for the choice of the foreigners if they want to vote, residency doesn't seem to be important so I'll say yes

@95SLGBK from Missouri answered…2 days

Yes, legal, long term residents should be able to vote, if approved by ballot initiative, in local and state elections if not specifically forbidden by state law/constitution.

@95SK9LJ from California answered…2 days

@95SJNW6Democrat from Georgia answered…2 days

Yes, but only citizens without a criminal record should be allowed to vote

@95SJ85X from North Carolina answered…2 days

Yes, but only in local elections after living in the community for 5 years

@95SHTY5 from Minnesota answered…2 days

As long as they have proof they are a legal citizen of the United States.

@95SHTPF from Texas answered…2 days

Yes, under the condition they are a united states citizen and pay taxes.

@95SGYFG from North Carolina answered…2 days

@95SGTJF from Missouri answered…2 days

Yes once they have lived here for 5-10 years and are citizens of the United States and registered to vote.

@95S7VGM from North Carolina answered…2 days

@95S7K85 from Minnesota answered…2 days

@95S79C7 from Georgia answered…2 days

Yes, after they been in the county for 10 years and pays taxes all those years and beyond


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