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@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...12mos

No, I think businesses should require vaccination but not by government mandate

@95WJNP2 from Arkansas answered…21mins

@95W9GGQ from Florida answered…5hrs

The vaccination should not be mandatory in light of people with underlying conditions and strong beliefs, but available for everyone that wants

@95VJL9M from Hawaii answered…20hrs

@95TYJJX from West Virginia answered…1 day

No. Up until CoVid I’ve never had any one be so concerned about my vaccination status. People go to work all the time with the flu/colds etc. if they don’t require all vaccines then they shouldn’t require the CoVid vaccine.

@95TPT7W from Oregon answered…1 day

@95TM8D5 from California answered…2 days

I think that all people should have the right to own health( if they want to yes if not no).

@95THXN7 from Washington answered…2 days

@95THNFF from Florida answered…2 days

@95THLYK from Texas answered…2 days

Yes but not on trial Vax only after enough research n years have been tested n done

@95THHDS from Rhode Island answered…2 days

Only for the base shot and if they haven’t gotten covid in the past

@95THGGC from Iowa answered…2 days

The COVID vaccine requirements should be the same as state vaccination laws.

@95TFDZH from Ohio answered…2 days

Yes, but with exceptions for those who are immunocompromised or otherwise medically unable to have the vaccine.

@95TCSK5Constitution from North Carolina answered…2 days

Individuals are responsible for their own choice to mask, vaccinate, or medicate.

@95TDH9H from Texas answered…2 days

@95TDFH4 from South Dakota answered…2 days

No businesses should decide how they want to be ran, let people decide how to support with the dollar

@95T9JH9 from Ohio answered…2 days

Yes if the employee works on premise and works in healthcare or other roles where they’re coming in contact with vulnerable populations regularly.

@95T8S2C from California answered…2 days

@95T7QJTProgressive from Hawaii answered…2 days

No because nobody should force you to get a vaccine unless you want to.

@95T4ZWZ from Texas answered…2 days

@95T4VZN from Washington answered…2 days

If you are able to get the vaccine, then you definitely should. But if you can't for a logical reason, you shouldn't have to.

@95T4VD6 from Utah answered…2 days

No, it should always be a choice of what you put into someone else's body.

@95T4P4X from Indiana answered…2 days

@95T4CP2Socialist from Oregon answered…2 days

@95T3VDT from Florida answered…2 days

@95T3VCB from Oregon answered…2 days

It should be required unless you physically cannot get vaccinated.

@95T3D38 from New Jersey answered…2 days

Yes, but exceptions should be made for people who can not get vaccinations for medical reasons.

@95SZS4K from Utah answered…2 days

@95SZPG5Independent from West Virginia answered…2 days

Yes, but I think businesses should require vaccination but not by government mandate.

@95SZHPM from Virginia answered…2 days

@95SXLNH from Texas answered…2 days

i think that when the virus first hit yes but only because it spread really fast and it killed a lot of people and we want to prevent more people from dying so yes we should have made people get the vaccine and if they refuse that's fine just make them stay at home so they won't come into contact with anyone so they don't get anyone sick.

@95SXD5Dfrom New Jersey  answered…2 days

@95SX7KR from California answered…2 days

@95STGHH from Florida answered…2 days

@95STD5D from Wisconsin answered…2 days

Yes, or create remote positions. Most jobs can function and maintain or have increased productivity from home

@95STC96 from Colorado answered…2 days

Yes vaccination should be largely required, but the employer should be required to provide pto and any costs related to receiving the vaccine. Also exemptions for health reason should not affect one’s employment.

@95ST6VBProgressive from California answered…2 days

If there is a higher risk of outbreak yes, but other then that it should be kept to a minimal

@95ST4SP from Texas answered…2 days

@95SSZYG from Virginia answered…2 days

No, I think it should be the decision of the person or business, not the government

@95SSL6J from West Virginia answered…2 days

@95SSKQ7Independent from Utah answered…2 days


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