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Yes, and increase government funding so every student receives a free college education

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@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...7yrs

No, and transition all current government student loans into privately managed accounts

@93YZMSK from Georgia answered…2mos

@5KQSFFDfrom Arkansas  answered…2yrs

The problem is that the cost of colleges has increased so dramatically compared to average income. Regulations should be put in place to bring these closer together. I also think that providing money for early childhood education, arts programs in schools, and after school programs would better benefit society than putting that money towards paying for people to go to college.

@5B86FR3from Indiana  answered…2yrs

Every time funding is increased the tuition goes up. How can other country's provide college and all we can provide is instant debt without any guarantees of being able to finish school?

@5B4K577from New York  answered…2yrs

Eliminate tenure, hold higher education accountable to performance and outcomes. Emphasis on critical thinking, not political indoctrination

@5B7G6RFfrom Texas  answered…2yrs

US schools are run badly. By 10th grade you SHOULD be done with lower education. Grades 11-12 should be the first 2 years of college or trade school.
After that you can continue with college for full degree or jump into the work force in the trade you trained for.

@95WH6QL from Texas answered…1hr

@95VLNGT from Texas answered…17hrs

No, university endowments should be taxed in order to reduce interest rates on student loans.

@95VK7M6 from Missouri answered…19hrs

Need to eliminate all of the loopholes available for the rich to get out of paying taxes before raising the Raye more

@95VJDRN from Idaho answered…20hrs

@95VFBT5 from Kentucky answered…23hrs

No, the federal government should instead regulate universities to lower tuition fees

@6LD9R27Socialistfrom Massachusetts  answered…1 day

Yes, increase government funding so every student receives a free college education, and forgive all student debt

@95V2GDP from Massachusetts answered…1 day

Two separate topics. Yes, the wealthy should be taxed appropriately and yes student loan interest should be decreased.

@95TYGVD from California answered…1 day

Attempt at relating 2 issues. Student loan interest should be in part/mostly subsidized by the college for the life of the loan.

@95TXD5M from Wisconsin answered…1 day

@95TWS42 from New York answered…1 day

No, taxation % increases should be commiserate with income, with no cap on the multiplier.

@95TLK62 from Pennsylvania answered…2 days

Yes. Tax the rich we can pay for tongs of important things with their tax dollars

@95TJNHCfrom Northern Mariana Islands  answered…2 days

@95THSMTfrom Washington  answered…2 days

Increase taxes for the rich, but distribute it into more important facets of society.

@95TGH92 from Texas answered…2 days

Tax the rich on something else like giving people to earn more money on jobs instead just giving it to student loans.

@95TGGMH from Texas answered…2 days

@95TBTQM from Michigan answered…2 days

@95T9WGS from California answered…2 days

@95T8F98Independent from California answered…2 days

Student loans should not be necessary. The cost of education should not be what it is.

@95SZNC9 from Virginia answered…2 days

No, close tax loopholes, and make College free and accessible for all

@95SZ6GD from North Carolina answered…2 days

@95SY5XT from Arizona answered…2 days

A certain income rate of wealth should be seen and people who are that wealthy should have higher taxes so it equates in proportion and it sets a bar.

@95SY499 from Colorado answered…2 days

Yes every wealthy person should pay some sort of fee for collages

@95SXP4Q from Connecticut answered…2 days

No, because education should not be so expensive that people have to take out loans for it.

@95SXDNR from Washington answered…2 days

if you plan to go to college and put yourself at debt knowing getting jobs wont be easy just because you have a paper saying your experience does not mean you can cry and ask for a clean slate when you had the choice to say yes or no to the debt.

@95SV26Q from California answered…2 days

yes, but not by a lot. It should also be based on how much you make. I think you have to at least be a millionaire

@95SSPDK from Georgia answered…2 days

@95SQVJYSocialist from Mississippi answered…2 days

Yes. Decrease military budget to pay for education/healthcare/housing

@95SQSQ9Independent from Tennessee answered…2 days

The rich should not be able to evade taxes. Our budget should be reorganized, and public universities should not be able to charge exorbitant tuition and fees passed what is already subsidized by the federal government.

@95SLNG6 from Florida answered…2 days

There should be no student loans at all and the rich should be taxed

@95SLGBK from Missouri answered…2 days

I support increasing taxes for the wealthy, but government should require student loans capped at 1-2% interest.

@95SJVCC from Washington answered…2 days

The rich would need to pay their taxes first for that to happen. But college tuitions need to be affordable so that people don't need to take out loans and be in debt.

@95SHTPF from Texas answered…2 days

No, a flat percentage tax across all income brackets would be better.

@95SG7KK from Missouri answered…2 days

@95SDF4LIndependent from Texas answered…2 days

No, we should tax the rich in order to increase government spending on other social programs

@95SCQMK from Pennsylvania answered…2 days

No, the government should focus on preventing tax evasion by the rich


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