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@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...8yrs

@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...8yrs

No, provide more incentives for alternative energy production instead

@5DVLBZWfrom Indiana  answered…2yrs

This question is wrong, as the real problem has always been corruption/cronyism and failure to enforce property rights. Regulations are written by cronies more to the benefit of polluters than to our environment or property owners. Regulations have actually made it harder to sue those who harm our shared/un-owned resources, stealing property value, health and life.

@4YRY8PGfrom Nevada  answered…2yrs

government needs to regulate the pollution of the planet, not just for climate change; saving the planet is unnecessary, the planet will save itself. However, humans are capable of making the earth inhabitable for themselves.

@58T9LTQfrom Michigan  answered…2yrs

Shame on us all if we do not!! Religion and politics talks about God. I can't believe this is how we show our gradituid for all the beauty bestowed to us on this planet. We are the Caretakers. Religiously this is an abomination to God to treat this world and all living creatures and each other so badly. Doing the right thing is to at least make an effort in thanks to Grace. For all

@4YTBLYBfrom Texas  answered…2yrs

Yes, but not for climate change. I think that is unfounded for several contradicting reasons from both sides of the issue. However, the human toll through cancer causing agents is alarming and should have been addressed with more importance years ago.

@8QRY9YRGreen from North Carolina agreed…2yrs

Yes, and provide more incentives for alternative energy production

Our views are very unaligned but I agree that cancer causing factors are also a big deal when it comes to regulations.

@58CYBXXfrom California  answered…2yrs

There have been five ice ages and warming periods within the 60 million years. It is a very complex problem.

@4YXF23Xfrom New Jersey  answered…2yrs

Climate change is the single most impressive issue today. Govt measures should include education of youth and climate change deniers. Furthermore govt. should stop subsidizing animal agriculture which is responsible for serious greenhouse gas emissions

@4YW99PVfrom Indiana  answered…2yrs

No evidence that CO2 is the dominant factor. Climate has changed relatively little in the past several decades. Almost all predictions for the amount of change have been wrong.

@58T9633from Montana  answered…2yrs

I view global warming as a consequence for our actions because of my religion. We have done it to our earth. We spend pointless money on it, but the government never says how we are going to solve it because there isn't an answer.

@95WB57H from Louisiana answered…4hrs

We are over regulated and it does no good. Gov fines a company but the fines never actually go to improve the environment a violator has damaged. Enforce the laws on the books and encourage companies and individuals to adopt and implement good environmental practices with incentives, rebates, deductions and reasonably priced expertise and equipment. Generously reward those who do good. Gov is not the expert, allow independent professional to do what they do best to preserve the environment. Ex: wind and solar farms do as much harm to the environment as strip mines. There are better solutions but Gov panders to big business and special interests and export pollution to other states or countries rather than support and encourage sensible local solutions. Stop doing that.

@95VGTKPRepublican from Minnesota answered…21hrs

Russia, India and China must increase their environmental regulations to prevent climate change at the same time.

@95VC5RV from Arizona answered…23hrs

@95V9Y5N from Texas answered…23hrs

 Deleted answered…1 day

Yes, and provide more incentives for alternative energy production, while taxing carbon emissions to further incentivize the development of more ecological technology and practices.

@95SSD4Y from New Jersey answered…2 days

We should always strive to keep our environment to the highest level of responsiblity. climate change is real. man made climate change is a theory

@95T9WGS from California answered…2 days

@95T8D9Y from California answered…2 days

@95T5W6T from Colorado answered…2 days

The whole thing on climate change is stupid the climate changes on its own. Look into solar spots its a thing

@95T3CSGRepublican from Texas answered…2 days

No because I want cars to be cool. you should let me strait pipe my civic bro

@95T3BZS from Utah answered…2 days

Yes, but nuclear power would have to be given the green-light by people. We already have ways of preventing nuclear disaster, and ways to re-purpose or rid radioactive waste from the environment and from manufacturing power.

@95T33SCDemocrat from Georgia answered…2 days

Environmental regulations should not fall on the consumer but instead on companies producing the most greenhouse gases

@95T33J5 from Georgia answered…2 days

Make renewable energy sources such as solar panels for housing more affordable upfront instead of a tax write off.

@95T2266 from California answered…2 days

@95SZPG5Independent from West Virginia answered…2 days

Global warming to going to occur regardless but we should be helping to slow it down

@95ST3CS from Missouri answered…2 days

Yes, but focusing on forcing global top 500 corporations and foreign countries to reign in practices that contribute to severe pollution is the most important. Green initiatives targeting middle and lower class Americans are classist and wrong.

@95SR7ML from New Jersey answered…2 days

i feel that it shouldn't be the government that sets "regulations," i feel it should instead be a non controlling attempt at talking and trying to help stop climate change from happening.

@95SPGYG from California answered…2 days

As long as it can bring hydrogen gas-fueled cars to keep the car community alive instead of electric.

@95SPCRP from New York answered…2 days

All States should be required to recycle all household plastics and paper products.

@95SMWKL from Tennessee answered…2 days

@95SMVD2 from Arizona answered…2 days

Yes, but they should do it at a rate that doesn't harm our nation.

@95SHL72 from Arizona answered…2 days

The government should try to prevent climate change but I also do not care if they do or not.

@95SGX5H from North Carolina answered…2 days

@95SDC6B from Utah answered…2 days

the clean air act needs to be changed to do more than the lowest hanging fruit

@95SCX8W from Oklahoma answered…2 days

We as humans are causing problems but we are not powerful enough to change the world so quickly

@95SBGP9 from Pennsylvania answered…2 days

Yes, and provide more incentives for alternative energy production, and tax carbon emissions in brackets (the more you release, the more you pay).

@95SBC2Mfrom North Dakota  answered…2 days

@95S9Z6S from Arizona answered…2 days

let me drive my classic car that gets 3 miles a gallon and leave me be

@95S6L4D from North Carolina answered…2 days

No, global warming and cooling happen cyclically and should be allowed to take their course.


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